CO2 = Gun CO2 Jet Cannon, is the perfect addition to any event you might be hosting due to the impressive response from the audience to this unexpected effect. Keep in mind that this gun only produces Cold air simulating an airplane turbulence which could be very refreshing specially after dancing for a while, is kids friendly and very safe to use. Add a new element and a huge surprise to any show.



Low Fog Machine = This unit is one of the newest effects available out there and is mainly use for a very small time usually during First Dance or Father Daughter Dance which will create a cloud effect on the dance floor and will not rise higher than one to two feet of the ground.



Fog Machine = A fog machine, fog generator, or smokemachine is a device that emits a dense vapor that appears similar to fog or smoke. This artificial fog is most commonly used in professional entertainment applications, but smaller, please keep in mind that the liquid use for this application is non toxic, and we also advise you to check with the venue that you planning to work with about their policies regarding to fog machines ( sometimes they can trigger fire detectors).

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