This is the Party of the Century!

This is the event that you will need all the help that you can possibly get!  Why not tackle this event with a VDJ that understands your guests and fulfills a joyful event, and makes you look good also, keep in mind that you could find many people that could DJ your event, but also note that you can’t turn 15 twice in your life, so why take the risk of hiring someone that might not have the knowledge needed for such a major event.

Lights, Camera Action!

We’ll bring the fun to the party!  We have special Systems that cater and make your event feel like a Night Club on wheels!

Party Music!

You’ll find all of the best music in our all-digital music library.  We have music to satisfy everyone!  And your dance floor will be packed!


Everyone knows that the worst thing for a gala such as this is disorganization.  We will definitely help you plan out this event, so you have the best of time.  Once you hire us, you just kick back and relax and let us handle the rest!  Your event will be the best party ever!  You’ll see!!

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